Science Links

Scientific Eprint ArchiveOpen access to 469,525 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology and Statistics.
Tunguska Info SiteUniversity of Bologna, department of physics: on June 30th, 1908, something exploded 8 km above the Stony Tunguska river.
Wikipedia Free EnciclopediaThe free encyclopedia that anyone can edit and everybody trust with 2,000,000+ articles in English.
Test QI - Quoziente IntellettivoFree online QI test (20 minutes version)
Dizionari ItalianiDizionari Italiani: Sinonimi e Contrari, Vocabolario e Grande Vocabolario Italiano, Dizionari Linguistici. aims to provide the most comprehensive and freely available access to scientific knowledge.
Cyber Implant Byonic HandThe worlds first fully articulating and commercially available bionic hand.
Giant Crystals Naica CaveThe biggest crystal forest in the world in Naica Cave (50 C and 100% humidity).

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