Electronics Links

GEDA Circuit DesignerFull GPL´d suite and toolkit of Electronic Design Automation for electrical circuit design, schematic capture, simulation, prototyping, and production.
King SurplusKing Surplus. A lot of surplus to buy, sell, trade, manage and recycle. Everything is browsable from the web, full of hires images.
Sybera Hardware AccessSHA allows realtime control of hardware resources based on the asynchronous X-Realtime technology under Windows NT,2000,XP with 10uSec lag.
GSM and TelephonyComplete documentation of everything in the radio-mobile world (but radio propagations, ISDN, etc. too) such as roaming, cloning, and so on.
Led Lights & LasersSells any kind of laser with different wavelength (color) and optical output power, with optics for collimation or free diode, etc.
Home DVD Laser HowtoSelf-explaining flash movie about modding a led torch using surplus laser diodes found in standard broken dvd burners. Very cool !!

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