Astronomy Links

Stunning AstrophotoesReally sharp photos of popular northern and southern astronomical nebulae, spiral galaxies, planets and other deep space objects.
Free Noaa ImagesNational Optical Astronomy Observatory has a wanderful image gallery with a lot of informations and lo-res to high-res photos.
Hubble Space TelescopeThe Hubble Space Telescope is the Ritchey-Chretien Cassegrain telesope that Nasa pun in space to send us this stunning astrophotos.
Celestia Astronomy SimulatorCelestia free space simulation environment: a realistic 3d rendering of the universe with thousands of stars, clusters and asteroinds.
Stellarium PlanetariumOpen-source planetarium that renders a realistic 3d sky with ordinary pc. It interfaces with projectors and is for Windows, Mac and Linux.
New Horizons MissionNasa Pluto-Kuiper Belt Mission image gallery, science articles and recent news. Solar System border space mission reference site.
Star Magnitudo ChartsNorthern emisphere Cygnus constellation chart with magnitudo attenuation list. Interesting for empiric light-pollution statistics.

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