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Self Made OrganMy brother in law had the idea of building an organ.... and my father made it happen. The organ can already be played by now.
Build a SynthetizerUn sintetizzatore analogico, una vera chicca estrapolata dal mitico Moog, ed un sequencer da abbinare per creare una base ritmica autonoma.
ZynAddSubFx Virtual SynthOpen source software synthesizer capable of making a countless number of instruments, some common heard from expensive hardware.
Detailed Depeche Mode DiscographyIncredible Depeche Mode discography: very detailed sigle and full album discography of the synth-pop / newwave Basildon band.
Circuit BendingCircuit-bending is an electronic art which implements creative audio short-circuiting: it can explode new experimental musical forms.
Depeche Mode InstrumentsAll synthetizers userd by Depeche Mode on tour, on television and in recording sessions in studio, and free sound samples to download.
Free Music DownloadJamendo Ŕ una comunitÓ di musica gratuita, legale e illimitata, pubblicata sotto licenze Creative Crommons. Condividi e scarica ora!
Commodore 64 Synth CardsMssiah, Prophet64, Sid2Sid: these are 8bitventures music products. Make music with our beloved Commodore 64 via midi in stereo.
Optical ThereminRS Optical Theremin: Do-it-yourself phototransistor powered theremin. The power consumption of the circuit is extremely low.

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