Hacking Links

Operator DistributionBoot-cd Linux distribution that contains an extensive set of network security tools for monitoring and discovering networks.
Stripe SnoopStripe Snoop is a suite of research tools that captures, modifies, validates, generates, analyzes, and shares data from magstripe cards.
Tetris with a PICHomebrew Air Conditioner Plans and Pictures (improved heat exchanger, water supply, etc).
Pong with a PICPIC-Tetris game using a PIC16F84 running @ 12MHz, the really fun old Russian computer game in a standard PIC chip.
Cloning Verisign RFIDVCR NTSC PIC-Pong Game: the original first video-game of the consolle gameing era, now in a PIC form-factor
BarricadeCloning a Verichip Yourself is trivially easy with this relatively sophisticated piece of electronics.
Ring 0 Rasta DebuggerPort knocking method aimed to open your firewall only if a special icmp echo request packet is sniffed from the network interface.
VideoMoog IIIRR0D is a ring 0 debugger. It offers the possibility to debug any kind of code (kernel/user/rasta land). Its OS independent.
War Games - The GameVideomoog 3.0 features four oscillators, generating separate audio-video signal and several filters, following typical analog-synth style.
Best Random Number GeneratorDo You remember the hacker game War-Games? Yes... !? This vintage game-replica is for You.

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