Freedom Links

Electronic Frontier FoundationEFF is the leading civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world.
No 1984The site is full of informations about privacy killer hardware and software components named "trusted computing".
101 Free Games101 free binary and flash games grouped into categories with links to filefront.
React-OSReact Operating System is a free and open-source rewrite from scratch of Windows XP, binary comatible with apps and drivers.
InstructablesHere you find instructions that authors write to tell you how to build almost enything cool for techy and geeks.
Free File SharingShare up to 128 Megabytes for each file you upload for free. You can also search for files uploaded by others.
Censored Informations Top NewsThe news that did´t make the news. Collecion of informations censored by the mainstream media.
Nazist Forced ProstitutionSexual enslavement by Nazi Germany in World War II. It´s nothing compared with the shoa, but it´s just remarcable.

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